Friday, May 17, 2013

How to setup FeatVPN OpenVPN on Android

FEAT VPN: OpenVPN on Android without root

FEAT VPN is an Android app that brings OpenVPN to Android versions 2.1 through 3.2. In contrast to existing apps, FEAT VPN does not require you to root your Android phone or tablet and thus void its warranty. FEAT VPN works on unmodified off-the-shelf devices.

ATTENTION: FeatVPN now also works on Amazons Kindle Fire !!!

Get the latest Beta of FeatVPN:

Get the latest stable version

Before you begin configuring the FeatVPN add, you should download the OpenVPN config files onto your device. Get them from ->
TCP+UDP config files as .ZIP-archive:
Single TCP *.ovpn config files:
Single UDP *.ovpn config files:
Download or extract them to any folder you like on your device, e.g. in /sdcard/Download

Install the app from the Google Play (formerly Android Market):                                                                     

                                        Run it and accept License Agreement:


Upon the first load, you will need to test the devices VPN support, by clicking "Setup" in the menu (see screenshots).
The device will now run a few tests. Once it's done, tap "Exit" to get back to the main menu.

Back in the main menu, please tap the “Tunnels” button, then “Add” and “Load” to add one or few VPN servers.

Browse to the folder where you've put the OpenVPN config files before (e.g. /sdcard/download).
Select the config file of the server you'd like to connect to.
You should now see that FeatVPN successfully imported the config file and changed all necessary settings by itself.
Now please hit the “Back” button.

On the next screen tap on the connection you just made, enter your credentials, tap “OK” and wait for a few moments.

Congratulations, you are now connected:

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